Expert Email Conversion and Migration

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Home and Small Office

Personal Edition Screenshot

Address Magic Personal PLUS quickly and easily copies your email and/or address book from one email application to another, including support for Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, WAB, vCard, and many others.

  • Copies all contact information, not just the name and email address.
  • Converts HTML email, text email, attachments, and all headers. (PLUS version)
  • Successfully used by tens of thousands of people worldwide.
  • Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts.
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Corporate / Enterprise

Corporate Workstation

Designed for organizations migrating from 100 to 100,000 users, Address Magic Enterprise gives you all the functionality of Address Magic Personal plus features designed for deployment to the enterprise:

  • Client-side email and address book migration for the enterprise.
  • Command line operation to minimize deployment training time.
  • Configure Once, Run Everywhere (CORE) design allows fully automated operation.
  • Exchange-specific features for centralized migrations.
  • Designed specifically for environments migrating between Microsoft Outlook/ Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, IMAP and Thunderbird.
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