Convert Your AOL Address Book

Copy your AOL address book to Gmail or Outlook

ePreserver is normally able to copy your AOL address book even if AOL isn't installed. However, on rare occasions you will see an error that reads something like, "The response from the server was not understood when reading AOL form step 6." This page gives step by step instructions on how to convert your AOL address book using ePreserver when this problem happens.

This will take about five minutes.

Important: You must still have an active AOL screen name in order to use these instructions.

1. Export your AOL contacts

The first task is to export your contacts from the AOL web page. The examples below are for Internet Explorer, but other browsers such as Firefox will work equally well.

Start by signing in to your screen name on and going to your mail.

Click Contacts in the bottom left.

Click Contacts

Click Tools.

Click Tools

Click Export.

Click Export

Select LDIF Format (LDIF), then click the Export button.

Click LDIF, then Export

Click the Save button.

Click Save

Click Desktop, then click the Save button.

Click Save again

Finally, click the Close button.

Account Setup Wizard Step 4

You're almost done!

2. Import your contacts

The final step is to run ePreserver and point it at the file you just created. If you've already installed ePreserver, start it by clicking on the life preserver icon on your desktop:

ePreserver icon

Click Next on the first page for ePreserver, then you will see something like this: (If you see the Screen Name page instead, please click the Show More Choices button.)

ePreserver wizard

Click the File button. When you see the Open window, click Desktop on the left, click on aol.ldif in the middle, and click Open in the bottom right:

Open message box

Finally, you will be returned to ePreserver, where you can proceed normally to convert the address book to Outlook or Gmail.

3. You are done!