Address Magic Personal PLUS


1. Choose what you want to convert

Address Magic Personal PLUS first lets you choose what you want to convert. Note that not all formats support all choices. For example, Thunderbird does not support calendars. (This page is only visible in the PLUS version of Address Magic.)

Source Page Screenshot (12573 bytes)

2. Choose your Source Format

Next decide what format you want to import from. Address Magic only shows formats that are installed on your system, so this screen shot does not include all the formats that Address Magic supports.

Destination Screenshot (14736 bytes)

3. Choose your Destination Format

The Destination is very similar to the source, but the list for destinations is somewhat different than the list of sources.

Finish.gif (11139 bytes)

4. Choose your Duplicate Handling

Finally, tell Address Magic what to do if the same message is found in both the source folder and the destination folder.

Finish.gif (11139 bytes)

5. Click Finish

Click Finish and sit back and watch.

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