Epicenter Server


The pictures below show Epicenter Server in operation with three separate tasks and a history of those tasks sending updates.

1. Tasks Pane

The Tasks pane allows you to create, modify and delete tasks, as well as to send unscheduled updates.


2. History Pane

The History pane provides detailed information on what updates were sent and what happened during that update.


3. Choose your Source Address Book

Your source address book determines which folder should be distributed. Note that the list in the screenshot does not contain all formats that Epicenter supports. Epicenter Server also supports Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus Notes, among other formats.

Destination Screenshot

4. Choose an update schedule

The Update Schedule determines how often the address book should be checked for changes that should be distributed.


5. Choose who receives the address book

Address book updates will be written to the mailboxes you list in the Recipients tab.


6. Choose the folder name for users' mailboxes

Contacts will be created in the given folder name in each mailbox. You can also specify a category to allow the contacts to be viewed as a group on Blackberry devices.



Next steps