ePreserver Recovery

What's New

Below is the history of new features and bug fixes in ePreserver Recovery.

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Build 438, Version 11.0. Released 2018-01-08

  • Fixed: Gmail authentication crashes.
  • Fixed: Yahoo Error: [CLIENTBUG] Additional arguments found after last expected argument.
  • New: Yahoo now supports long folder paths, so support that.
  • Improved: Better handling for "Less Secure Apps" in Yahoo.

Build 434, Version 11.0. Released 2016-11-26

    Build 432, Version 11.0. Released 2015-10-31

    • New: Outlook 2016 is supported.
    • New: Added support for AOL 9.8.

    Build 430, Version 11.0. Released 2015-07-28

    • New: Outlook 2016 Preview is supported.

    Build 428, Version 11.0. Released 2015-05-03

    • Fixed: If there's a failure writing a contact to Outlook, the rest of the contacts should still be written.

    Build 426, Version 11.0. Released 2014-03-23

    • New: Added support for Outlook 2013 Click-to-Run.

    Build 424, Version 11.0. Released 2013-04-14

    • Fixed: "Keep Separate" does not work for contacts.
    • Improved: Added better error message for "Onload error 3" to tell user what to do.

    Build 422, Version 11.0. Released 2013-01-05

    • New: Added support for Outlook 2013.

    Build 420, Version 11.0. Released 2012-01-24

    • Improved: Mixed Japanese/English AOL address books convert properly.
    • Fixed: "Auto-Added" contacts imported from AOL show "undefined" for the display name.
    • Fixed: Forensic and Recovery do not convert the trash.
    • Fixed: The "Spam" folder is not converted.
    • Fixed: Crash caused by PFC file corruption.
    • Fixed: Rare crash converting to IMAP or Gmail.
    • Fixed: ePreserver hangs due to bad data sent from AOL IMAP server.
    • Fixed: Dates from messages pre-1997 convert incorrectly in some AOL PFC files.
    • Fixed: Crash converting 1990s address books stored in AOL PFC files.

    Build 418, Version 11.0. Released 2011-10-03

    • Fixed: Conversions from AOL auto-added contacts show "com" as the last name.
    • Fixed: "Invalid Parameter" error converting messages to HTML.
    • Improved: Accessing Outlook is now more reliable if Outlook is not the default email app.

    Build 416, Version 11.0. Released 2011-08-19

    • Fixed: ePreserver hangs converting some PFC files.
    • Fixed: ePreserver fails with "Out of Memory" error.
    • Fixed: Several crash bugs.
    • Fixed: Unicoded PST folders should overflow at 60k messages, not 15k.
    • Fixed: Message conversion from AOL Desktop is broken.

    Build 412, Version 10.0. Released 2010-11-02

    • Fixed: Forwarded messages can be truncated prematurely.
    • Fixed: Some message dates in filing cabinets convert improperly.
    • Improved: HTML messages converted to text now have significantly better formatting.
    • Improved: Conversion to text files is substantially improved.
    • Fixed: Non-English email messages converted to HTML are corrupted.
    • New: A CSV index file is created when converting to html/txt/eml/msg.

    Build 410, Version 10.0. Released 2010-08-25

    • New: Added support for Outlook 2010.
    • Fixed: Groups created in Outlook are not working properly.
    • Removed support for Windows 2000.
    • For Windows XP, Service Pack 3 is now required

    Build 408, Version 10.0. Released 2010-03-31

    • Fixed: It's not possible to convert just Favorite Places.
    • Fixed: IN_PAGE_ERROR while reading a PFC file crashes the application.
    • Fixed: The "Keep Separate" checkbox in Settings does not work reliably.
    • Fixed: Certain errors can cause the app to disappear with no error message.
    • Fixed: Crash converting flagged messages to Outlook.
    • New: Added support for Outlook 2010 Beta

    Build 406, Version 9.0. Released 2009-11-17

    • Fixed: ePreserver crashes during the initial wizard.
    • New: The columns in the Viewer are now sortable.
    • Improved: The Viewer is now dramatically faster handling large numbers of messages.

    Build 400, Version 9.0. Released 2009-06-16

    • Fixed: Some AOL message headers are not converted
    • Fixed: All products now run with DEP (Data Execution Protection) enabled on Windows Vista.

    Build 398, Version 9.0. Released 2008-11-26

    • Fixed: The AOL "Primary E-mail" setting in AOL 9 is ignored.
    • Fixed: When converting AOL messages, bcc recipients enclosed in parentheses are ignored.
    • Fixed: When converting AOL distribution lists, some screen names with spaces are ignored.
    • Fixed: Crash if dependent DLL is not found.
    • Fixed: App crashes if AOL PFC/ABY file has zero length.
    • Fixed: Some forwarded AOL messages are missing the body.

    Build 394, Version 9.0. Released 2008-09-10

    • Fixed: When converting the AOL address book, sometimes the first name disappears.

    Build 390, Version 9.0. Released 2008-04-19

    • Fixed: Some messages headers were not converted in one customer's PFC file.
    • Fixed: Message dates in older PFC files are now converted more reliably.
    • Fixed: PFC files with a zero count for the offset table aren't processed.
    • Fixed: (PLUS) Duplicate detection of messages is not working properly when converting to Outlook.

    Build 388, Version 8.0. Released 2008-02-04

    • Fixed: Hang converting certain damaged PFC files.
    • Fixed: Conversion terminates prematurely if there are any messages in the Favorite Places folder.
    • Fixed: Screen name selection is does not work.

    Build 386, Version 8.0. Released 2008-01-02

    • Fixed: Crash under Vista if you try to convert just favorites.
    • Fixed: (PLUS) Crash when converting an invalid message to Outlook Express.
    • Fixed: Cannot convert Messages Saved on AOL if there's no PFC file.
    • Fixed: When converting Messages Saved on AOL, messages in folders that appear alphabetically after "Spam" can go into the wrong folder.

    Build 384, Version 8.0. Released 2007-12-13

    • Fixed: Application hangs on registration page on some systems.
    • Fixed: Rare crash converting messages from AOL.
    • Fixed: ePreserver crashes after "Application requires Administrator access" under Vista.

    Build 382, Version 8.0. Released 2007-11-29

    • Fixed: Converting to Outlook 2000 IMO crashes.
    • Fixed: Trying to convert only favorites crashes in Build 380.
    • Fixed: Receive "Not a valid PFC file" when opening small ABY files

    Build 380, Version 5.0. Released 2007-11-08

    • Fixed: File named ____++++.+++ causes ePreserver to crash.
    • Fixed: Attachments are not reattached if the user renamed them when downloaded.
    • Fixed: Attachments are not reattached if the source drive is mounted under a different letter.

    Build 378, Version 8.0. Released 2007-06-21

    • Fixed: Favorites are sometimes converted into the root Favorites directory.
    • Fixed: Contacts written to Windows Contacts have duplicate email addresses.
    • Fixed: ePreserver hangs converting some PFC files with minor corruption.
    • Fixed: Rare crash reading certain PFC files larger than 256MB
    • Fixed: Converting message can fail with the error "MapiViewOfFile Failed."

    Build 376, Version 8.0. Released 2007-04-26

    • Fixed: Under Vista, the DELETED folder contains messages that were successfully converted into normal folders.
    • Fixed: Conversion fails with "MapViewOfFile() failed" with severely corrupted PFC files.
    • Fixed: Viewer shows dates in GMT instead of local time.
    • Fixed: Folders converted to Outlook with more than 15,000 messages convert very slowly.