Address Magic Personal

What's New

Below is the history of new features and bug fixes in Address Magic Personal.

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Build 438, Version 10.0. Released 2018-01-08

  • Fixed: Gmail authentication crashes.
  • Fixed: Yahoo Error: [CLIENTBUG] Additional arguments found after last expected argument.
  • New: Yahoo now supports long folder paths, so support that.
  • Improved: Better handling for "Less Secure Apps" in Yahoo.
  • New: Address Magic is now freeware.

Build 434, Version 9.0. Released 2016-11-26

  • Fixed: Crash converting IMAP.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird messages convert with equals signs.
  • Fixed: Birthdays from Thunderbird sometimes don't convert.

Build 432, Version 9.0. Released 2015-10-31

  • New: Outlook 2016 is supported.
  • Improved: Support nested folders in
  • Fixed: Reading AOL web contacts fails.
  • Improved: Added support for reading spouse from AOL web contacts.
  • Fixed: App abruptly exits convert an NDR message from Outlook.

Build 430, Version 9.0. Released 2015-07-28

  • New: Outlook 2016 Preview is supported.
  • Fixed: Reading and writing Gmail contacts are broken.

Build 428, Version 9.0. Released 2015-05-03

  • Fixed: Can't read TB files written by old versions of Address Magic.
  • Fixed: Crash converting messages from Outlook to eml.
  • Improved: Read Thunderbird folder names from the TB database.
  • Fixed: If there's a failure writing a contact to Outlook, the rest of the contacts should still be written.

Build 426, Version 9.0. Released 2014-03-23

  • Fixed: Crash when system has Outlook 2000 installed.
  • Fixed: Some attachments convert from Thunderbird as all zeros.
  • Fixed: Converting vcf/carddav crashes when PHOTO uses an external URI.
  • New: Added support for ENCODING=B with vCard.
  • Fixed: Can't convert messages from Thunderbird that were imported to TB with Eudora headers.
  • Fixed: Crash converting messages from IMAP.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2013 Click-to-Run.
  • New: Added support for converting to
  • Fixed: Converting Outlook to EML loses the SMTP addresses for messages on Exchange.
  • Fixed: Contacts converted to pre-Outlook 2003 show question marks for some fields.
  • Fixed: Converting from iCloud can lose some photos
  • New: Added support for converting messages to/from Outlook 2000.

Build 424, Version 9.0. Released 2013-04-14

  • Fixed: Folder button does not work for Windows Live Mail
  • Improved: Added warning when Thunderbird/mbox parsing stops due to corruption

Build 422, Version 9.0. Released 2013-01-05

  • New: Added 64-bit version of software. (Separate download.)
  • Improved: Added support for reading photos from Gmail.
  • Fixed: Can't convert attachments over 96MB.
  • Fixed: Business 2 phone is ignored.
  • Fixed: Gmail Error, "Can have at most one primary postal address, found 2"
  • Improved: Added support for converting to multiple separate vcf files.
  • Fixed: Rare crash converting to IMAP formats.
  • Fixed: Exporting Yahoo contacts often fails.
  • Fixed: Exporting contacts from iCloud corrupts non-English characters.
  • Fixed: Can't load more than 1000 separate vCard files.
  • Improved: Added support for reading MacOS UTF-16BE vCard files.
  • New: Added support for writing multiple vCard files.
  • New: Icons shown in formats box.
  • Fixed: Some pictures do not show in new contacts in Outlook.
  • Improved: Added support for converting .ics files with both appointments and tasks.
  • New: Added support for converting calendars/tasks from Outlook.
  • Fixed: Can't add more than a dozen contacts to Yahoo. (Limit is now about 300.)
  • Fixed: Crash converting calendars to Google Apps.
  • Improved: Added support for reading the Notes 8.5 data directory from the registry.
  • New: Added support for Windows 8.
  • Fixed: X-MICROSOFT-CDO-ALLDAYEVENT from Outlook .ics files is ignored.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2013.

Build 420, Version 9.0. Released 2012-01-24

  • Improved: Mixed Japanese/English AOL address books convert properly.
  • New: Added support for Yahoo email and address books.
  • Fixed: Crash when converting to Gmail.
  • Fixed: If the Thunderbird "Sent" folder is empty, then converting to Outlook incorrectly creates a Sent folder in Outlook.
  • Fixed: The "Spam" folder is not converted.
  • Fixed: Crash adding photo to contact in Outlook.
  • Fixed: Rare crash converting to IMAP or Gmail.
  • New: Added support for iCloud email and address books.
  • Improved: Added support for vCard 3.0.
  • New: Added support for photos in vCard.
  • Improved: Reduced memory requirements when converting photos.
  • Fixed: Crash on exit after reading address book from GroupWise
  • Fixed: Converting messages to Thunderbird fails with "Invalid Argument".
  • New: Added support for reading and writing Windows Live Mail contacts.
  • Fixed: Crash converting to HTML or Text.
  • Fixed: Netscape email from Linux/Unix does not convert cleanly.

Build 418, Version 8.0. Released 2011-10-03

  • New: Added support for reading Windows Live 2009 address books.
  • Fixed: Conversions to Gmail can fail with "Lock is locked".
  • Fixed: Duplicate detection of messages is failing in strange ways.
  • Fixed: "Invalid Parameter" error converting messages to HTML.
  • Fixed: Crash converting from EML.
  • Fixed: Crash converting Thunderbird address book with Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed: Notes sometimes crashes converting NSF to MSG.
  • Improved: Accessing Outlook is now more reliable if Outlook is not the default email app.

Build 416, Version 8.0. Released 2011-08-19

  • Fixed: Can't read the GAL on Outlook 2010 with multiple Exchange accounts.
  • New: Added support for reading Windows Live Contacts and Email.
  • Improved: Added button to turn off IMAP errors.
  • Fixed: Duplicate detection not working converting AOL messages to Gmail.
  • New: Added support for creating Gmail hierarchical folders.
  • Fixed: Can't create some Japanese folder names in Gmail.
  • Fixed: Some dates fail to convert from IMAP.
  • New: Added support for non-US Gmail default folders, like Sent Items.
  • Fixed: Several crash bugs.
  • Fixed: Unicoded PST folders should overflow at 60k messages, not 15k.
  • Fixed: Duplicates are created converting from Thunderbird address books.
  • Fixed: UTC times in .ics calendar files are not converted to local time.
  • Fixed: Opening folders kept on AOL can be very slow.
  • Fixed: Message conversion from AOL Desktop is broken.
  • Fixed: Crash converting Lotus Notes address books with distribution lists.

Build 414, Version 7.0. Released 2011-06-17

  • Fixed: "Protocol error" activating the license.
  • Fixed: "Error at Location 0" activating the license.
  • Fixed: Eudora email incorrectly converted as Mime type Flowed.
  • Fixed: Convert mail folders saved on AOL even when AOL hides them.
  • Improved:IMAP disconnects are now automatically retried.
  • Fixed: Can't convert messages with Asian subject lines from Notes to Outlook MSG
  • Fixed: Illegal attachment filenames from Lotus Notes are now renamed.
  • Fixed: Lotus Notes error messages do not display.
  • Fixed: Illegal MIME messages in Lotus Notes can crash the conversion.
  • Fixed: Non-English characters may not convert properly from Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed: Illegal MIME messages can crash conversions to Thunderbird/mbox.
  • Fixed: "Improper Agument" error converting messages from Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed: Crash converting messages from Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed: The recipient names are corrupted if they are in Asian characters when converting messages from Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed: The Categories and Children fields are lost when converting contacts from Outlook.
  • New: Added support for Opera 10/11.
  • Improved: Added UTF-8 support for Opera address book conversions.
  • Improved: Added UTF-8 support for message conversions to HTML.
  • Fixed: Duplicate detection is extremely slow with large mailboxes.

Build 412, Version 7.0. Released 2010-11-02

  • Fixed: Can't convert messages to HTML.
  • Fixed: Converting folders to Outlook with more than 60K messages is very slow.
  • Fixed: Date is wrong converting messages from Thunderbird 3.
  • Fixed: Body text lines that start with "From " are not ignored under Win7.
  • Fixed: Postal fields are not converted if Eudora is not installed.
  • Fixed: Converting to Thunderbird appears to fail if the base folder does not exist.
  • Fixed: Can't convert more than 255 folders from TB to Outlook.
  • New: Added support for reading pictures from the GAL and from Thunderbird address books.
  • Improved: Added support for reading birthdays from Thunderbird 3.
  • Fixed: Crash converting messages to text format.
  • Improved: HTML messages converted to text now have significantly better formatting.
  • Improved: Conversion to text files is substantially improved.
  • Fixed: Non-English email messages converted to HTML are corrupted.
  • New: A CSV index file is created when converting to html/txt/eml/msg.
  • Fixed: Crash during IMAP conversion.

Build 410, Version 7.0. Released 2010-08-25

  • New: Added support for reading EML and MSG files.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2010.
  • New: Added support for converting Exchange custom attributes #1 through #4.
  • Fixed: Crash converting some Palm 4.1.4 address books.
  • Fixed: Folder button does not work for Mac destination.
  • Fixed: Groups created in Outlook are not working properly.
  • Fixed: Can't convert Thunderbird messages to Text.
  • Fixed: Gmail returns "contains excess whitespace" error when creating a folder.
  • Fixed: Crash converting to IMAP if connection closes unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Crash importing Gmail contacts.
  • Improved: Added duplicate detection when converting messages to text and html (requires NTFS file system.)
  • Improved: Added duplicate detection when converting messages to eml and msg (requires NTFS file system.)
  • Removed support for Windows 2000.
  • For Windows XP, Service Pack 3 is now required
  • Fixed: Can't import messages from Thunderbird if the default directory has been changed.
  • Improved: Performance reading contacts from Outlook is significantly improved.
  • Fixed: When browsing the GAL, the folders are sorted incorrectly.

Build 408, Version 7.0. Released 2010-03-31

  • Fixed: Business telephone #2 and home telephone #2 are not copied from the GAL.
  • Fixed: Converting messages from Gmail causes them to be marked as read.
  • Fixed: Some Outlook CSV property names are not recognized.
  • Fixed: Need Gmail field names for CSV files.
  • Fixed: Extended MAPI DLL loader does not understand Vista UAC.
  • Fixed: Public Folders are shown even if Outlook is not installed.
  • Fixed: Application crashes clicking Folder button for GroupWise.
  • Fixed: Error 417 uploading contacts to Gmail or Google Apps.
  • Fixed: iCal file with ATTENDEE with no ROLE crashes.
  • New: Added support for "Other" postal addresses in vCards.
  • Fixed: Certain errors can cause the app to disappear with no error message.
  • New: Added support for Google Contacts v3.
  • Fixed: Email addresses aren't updated in Gmail with Replace Duplicates.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird messages may not convert with mboxes moved from Linux to Windows.
  • New: Added support for Thunderbird 3.
  • Fixed: Crash converting flagged messages to Outlook.
  • Fixed: Address Magic is showing/converting hidden system folders in Outlook.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2010 Beta

Build 406, Version 7.0. Released 2009-11-17

  • Fixed: Long folder names in Asian character sets are truncated in Gmail.
  • Fixed: (Regression in 404) Long comments are truncated converting from Outlook.
  • New: Significantly improved performance of repeated conversion to Gmail by implementing duplicate detection.
  • Fixed: (Regression in 404) Converting messages to Thunderbird crashes.
  • New: Public Folders were moved to a separate converter to improve Browse performance.

Build 404, Version 7.0. Released 2009-10-16

  • New: Added support for folder browsing in Outlook and mbox formats.
  • New: The Folder button now works for the GAL source.
  • Fixed: Converting from a Eudora subfolder named "In" goes to the Inbox.
  • Fixed: Oversized messages were not processed as such.
  • Fixed: Enterprise with -a creates @SOURCEFOLDER folder.

Build 400, Version 7.0. Released 2009-06-16

  • New: Added support for reading UTF-16 LDIF files
  • Fixed: Crash if Eudora mailbox being converted has been truncated.
  • Fixed: Some Eudora messages fail to convert to Google Apps with error 400
  • Fixed: Can't convert Palm Desktop 3.0.3 address book
  • Fixed: Empty folders are not converted from IMAP
  • Fixed: 503 error converting large folders to Google Apps
  • Fixed: All products now run with DEP (Data Execution Protection) enabled on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: vCard file with blank continuation lines cannot be imported on some platforms.
  • Fixed: vCard dates are emitted in the wrong format.
  • Fixed: Categories are not converted to groups when converting to Gmail.
  • Fixed: Address Magic ignores the categories when reading certain Palm Desktop 4.1.4 files.
  • New: Added support for reading multiple vCard files from iTunes.
  • Fixed: Selecting Outlook and clicking the Folder button produces an Invalid argument error.

Build 398, Version 7.0. Released 2008-11-26

  • Fixed: (PLUS) Some Lotus Notes message dates are not converted properly.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Dates are not converted properly for messages converted from the Lotus Notes ($Sent) folder.
  • Fixed: Confusing behavior if the license manager cannot be contacted.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Mbox-style messages with attachments with embedded mbox messages could be discarded.
  • Fixed: Folder names with non-US characters would be converted correctly, but status messages would be garbled.
  • Fixed: The AOL nickname field is not being converted.
  • Fixed: When converting AOL messages, bcc recipients enclosed in parentheses are ignored.
  • Fixed: When converting AOL distribution lists, some screen names with spaces are ignored.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Crash in RTF conversion module while converting messages from Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed: Converting messages to Gmail crashes on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed: Crash if dependent DLL is not found.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Inline images are now converted for Lotus Notes messages converted to formats other than Outlook.
  • Fixed: Bug #619 - The destination "Email attachment" crashes.
  • Fixed: Address Magic crashes converting some Palm address books.
  • Fixed: App crashes if AOL PFC/ABY file has zero length.
  • New: Added support for reading Evolution LDIF files.
  • New: Added support for reading LDIF files from AOL Communicator.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for reading and writing Google Apps calendars.
  • Fixed: Error "The database of duplicate messages could not be opened."
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Using the NS4 format to convert messages will still look in Netscape 7 subdirectories, preventing the NS4 messages from converting.
  • Fixed: Converting contacts to Gmail may lose contacts. Caused by a bug in Gmail.
  • Fixed: Apple Address Book cannot import some vCards

Build 394, Version 7.0. Released 2008-09-10

  • Fixed: The display name is now preserved for email addresses converted from Thunderbird that include the name as part of the email address.
  • Fixed: Email messages converted to Gmail weren't being placed into the default Sent Items folder.
  • New: Address books are now converted directly to Gmail. Distribution lists and postal addresses are now converted correctly. (You must have the .Net 2.0 Framework installed or you'll get a CSV file.)
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Messages converted from Eudora are always marked unread if they've been Replied to.
  • Fixed: Converting Palm Desktop address books sometimes hangs.
  • Fixed: Application can exit with no error message under certain unusual error conditions.
  • Fixed: When converting the AOL address book, sometimes the first name disappears.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) If you convert a message folder from Eudora, and the name of the message folder ends in a period, then a parent folder will be created named with the first letter of the folder name.

Build 392, Version 7.0. Released 2008-06-19

  • Changed: Hotmail support has been removed because Microsoft has disabled support for the necessary APIs.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Address Magic crashes when converting to mbox/Thunderbird/Netscape if the destination directory can't be created.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Flagged messages were not marked as such when converted to Outlook.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Notes Pack is not detected even when correctly installed.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) When converting Windows Mail to anything else, the Trash would be converted to the destination Drafts folder.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Attachments in messages converted from Lotus Notes Rich Text format should not use the "binary" MIME type.
  • New: (PLUS) New message folders in Outlook are now created with Unicode names, so (for example) Japanese folder names can be created on English systems. Outlook 2003 and later only.
  • Fixed: The first field in the first line of a CSV file can lose the first three characters when converted.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Some message bodies are empty when Lotus Notes messages are converted to mbox or mac.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) The Low Importance flag does not convert from Lotus Notes rich text messages.

Build 390, Version 7.0. Released 2008-04-19

  • Improved: (PLUS) Increased performance of Lotus Notes message conversion by caching results of SMTP lookups.
  • Fixed: Enabled encryption on IMAP connections under Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Rare crash converting Lotus Notes messages that are stored in MIME format.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Crash converting Eudora messages if the .toc index is corrupt.
  • Fixed: Crash reading some Palm Desktop address books.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting Lotus Notes to anything except Outlook can crash if there are inline images.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Server-side mailboxes can now be converted. If no file is selected, the default mailbox is now converted instead of the default archive.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Increased performance of Lotus Notes message conversions by speeding up "Analyzing folder structure" by 10x.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Added support for the data type "HTML" when converting Lotus Notes messages. (HTML data is usually stored as type "MIME", not as type "HTML", so this fix is for one customer.)
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Duplicate detection of messages is not working properly when converting to Outlook.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting messages from mbox format does not properly separate messages if the file contains both mbox-style and Netscape/Eudora-style message headers.
  • New: Added support for converting address books to Gmail.
  • Fixed: Converting from MAB files (Thunderbird/Netscape 7/Mozilla) loses distribution lists.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Many messages bodies are blank when converting Lotus Notes messages to EML.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting folder names with trailing spaces to EML or MSG fails.
  • Fixed: Can't convert address books to AMI files if their folder names contain characters that are illegal filenames.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Can't create sub-folders with mbox format.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for converting calendars from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. Also added partial support for iCal.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Messages that should be converted to the IMAP Inbox end up under another folder name.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Many messages bodies are blank when converting Lotus Notes messages to Gmail.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for converting messages to HTML or text format.

Build 388, Version 6.0. Released 2008-02-04

  • Fixed: Exchange safety lock improperly triggered if the Exchange Management console was installed.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting Lotus Notes messages to Outlook is working slower than expected.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Messages converted from Notes to Outlook are missing inline images.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Messages with inline images converted from Notes to Outlook now appear in color instead of black and white. Requires Notes 7.
  • New: Added support for Thunderbird 2.0. Address Magic could not find the default address book.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Message converted to Outlook had the wrong "Replied to" date and time. The "Replied to" date and time have been removed.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Some attachments converted from Notes to Outlook were corrupted.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Notes message with attachments with non-US characters in the filename did not always convert.
  • New: Added support for reading Mac Eudora data directories, both address books and messages.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting Notes messages yields some Sent dates in 1980.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Some message timestamps are not corrected for the timezone when converting messages from Lotus Notes.

Build 386, Version 6.0. Released 2008-01-02

  • Fixed: (PLUS) Demo crashes converting Outlook messages.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Rare crash converting Eudora messages.
  • Fixed: Crash if you attempt to convert the Exchange GAL to anything else.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Crash when converting an invalid message to Outlook Express.
  • Fixed: MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA error when reading the GAL under Outlook 2007.

Build 384, Version 6.0. Released 2007-12-13

  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting messages from Netscape, Thunderbird and Eudora doesn't work on Win9x.
  • Fixed: Application hangs on registration page on some systems.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) When converting IMAP to anything else, the folders become mixed up.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting from IMAP crashes on the last folder in Build 382.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for French Eudora.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Can't create folders in Gmail with names over 40 characters.

Build 382, Version 6.0. Released 2007-11-29

  • Fixed: (PLUS) Message conversion crashes on certain ill-formed messages.
  • Fixed: The Eudora default address book can't be converted with Build 380.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Mailbox files for Netscape and Thunderbird are written with incorrectly formatted dates in the From_ line.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Large messages and/or attachments converted from Netscape and Thunderbird are processed about 35% faster.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for writing mbox files and directory structures that are compatible with Mac Mail in OS X.
  • Fixed: App does nothing but show an empty dialog with red stop sign when run on on Exchange Server.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) When converting Lotus Notes messages, attachments are not always deleted from the Temp directory.
  • Fixed: Converting contacts can crash if duplicate handling is enabled.
  • New: (PLUS) Added supporting for converting messages from AOL Communicator. Address book conversion is not supported.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Delivery timestamps are not consistent across conversions.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for exporting messages to the Mac.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Thunderbird isn't able to recognize some folders created by Address Magic.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Messages converted to Thunderbird end up in the wrong directory.

Build 380, Version 5.0. Released 2007-11-08

  • Fixed: (PLUS) Address Magic sometimes intermixes From and To recipients when converting messages.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) From and To recipients converted from Notes messages are sometimes blank.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Recipients converted from Notes msgs could be converted with Notes addresses, not SMTP addresses, even when the SMTP address was available.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Email messages converted to IMAP have today's date.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Folders converted to IMAP may not be visible if parent folders were empty.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Eudora messages with no body aren't converted.
  • Improved: Detection of duplicate contacts.
  • Fixed: Conversion from CompuServe 4 isn't working properly.
  • New: Added support for Palm Desktop 4.1.2 and 4.1.4.
  • Fixed: Crash if different lines in a CSV file contain a different number of fields.
  • Improved: Palm Desktop 3 files (.aba) can now be read even if the Palm Desktop isn't installed.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for the Folder button when converting messages to Outlook so you can choose a root folder.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for converting messages to Gmail.
  • Improved: (PLUS) Added support for Eudora message archives that are moved to a new drive letter, such as drives that are shared on the network.
  • New: Added support for upgrading from the standard version to the PLUS version.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) There's no place to enter a server name for IMAP conversions.

Build 378, Version 5.0. Released 2007-06-21

  • Fixed: (PLUS) When converting messages to IMAP, folders with an ampersand aren't converted.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) When converting messages to IMAP, folder names with non-ASCII characters don't convert properly.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Folders created in IMAP don't show up in Outlook Express.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Address Magic crashes converting Lotus Notes messages with certain malformed headers.
  • Fixed: Can't create groups in Windows Contacts in Vista.
  • Fixed: Contacts written to Windows Contacts have duplicate email addresses.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) If the Notes Conversion Pack was downloaded, Personal Edition doesn't uninstall cleanly.
  • New: Added support for Thunderbird 2.0.
  • Fixed: Distribution lists from Pine are imported without members.
  • Fixed: Some email addresses from imported GroupWise NAB files don't work when converted to Outloook.
  • Fixed: Email addresses 2 and 3 don't convert to vCard.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Crash while converting Eudora messages.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Converting message from Eudora, AOL or Thunderbird can fail with the error "MapiViewOfFile Failed."
  • Improved: The French translation has been brought up to date. This will appear automatically on systems where the default language is French.

Build 376, Version 5.0. Released 2007-04-26

  • Fixed: Distribution lists converted from Notes cause crash if no server is present.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) The Notes Conversion Pack is sometimes not downloaded successfully.
  • New: Added support for CompuServe 4 address books.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Eudora messages aren't properly converted.
  • Fixed: Help button doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Email addresses in messages and distribution lists converted from Lotus Notes may be empty or missing.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Forwarded and Replied message flags aren't migrated to Outlook.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Mozilla and Thunderbird message folders whose names contain non-ASCII characters are not converted.
  • Fixed: Folders converted to Outlook with more than 15,000 messages convert very slowly.
  • New: (PLUS) Added support for Replace Duplicates when converting messages to Outlook or Outlook Express.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Thunderbird email won't transfer if it's moved from its original location.

Build 374, Version 5.0. Released 2007-03-01

  • New: Added support for Windows Vista.
  • New: Added support for Windows Contacts in Windows Vista.
  • New: Released Address Magic Personal Edition PLUS that includes support for converting messages. This is a separate product from the Personal Edition and so is not available as a free upgrade.
  • Fixed: Notes doesn't always show up as a valid source or destination on computers where it should.
  • Fixed: Email addresses converted into Outlook don't show up in the Phone List view.
  • Fixed: Duplicate detection crashes intermittently.

Build 372, Version 4.0. Released 2006-11-19

  • Fixed: Importing from vCard is very slow with large files.
  • Fixed: Crash if no default email application is selected in Control Panel.
  • Fixed: Browsing for a File after selecting Thunderbird crashes.
  • Fixed: Birthdays migrated from Outlook to Notes are off by one day for time zones east of UTC.

Build 370, Version 4.0. Released 2006-10-23

  • Fixed: Installer won't upgrade an existing installation.
  • Fixed: Address books sometimes converted to xxx's address book instead of to the default contacts folder.

Build 368, Version 4.0. Released 2006-10-11

  • Improved: GroupWise conversions are now easier to configure.
  • Fixed crash converting Lotus Notes address books.

Build 366, Version 4.0. Released 2006-09-14

  • Fixed: Multiline comments in contacts were truncated after the first line when converting to Notes.
  • Fixed: Contacts converted to Notes were categorized under "Uncategorized".
  • Improved: Significantly improved support for resolving Notes distribution list members.
  • Fixed: When reading LDIF files, the second line of postal addresses would be lost.
  • Fixed: Notes address books couldn't be converted if the Groups view was not present.
  • Fixed: vCard (.vcf) files wouldn't work with the iPod.
  • New: Support for Opera 9.
  • New: Support for importing vCard files.
  • Improved: When reading the Windows Address Book (WAB), Address Magic now reads just the default folder instead of reading the union of all folders. This new behavior is what most people expect.
  • New: The evaluation version and the commercial version have been merged into a single distribution package.
  • New: Switched to an MSI installer in preparation for Windows Vista.
  • New: Address Magic Personal Edition now requires activation, during which the software communicates with the Connected Software licensing server. The License Agreement has been updated to reflect this
  • Fixed: Multibyte characters are not converted to the Notes address book correctly.

Build 362, Version 3.0.0. Released 2006-03-23

  • Fixed: Regression that prevented browsing for a Eudora address book.
  • Fixed: Regression where CSV files were being written with periods instead of commas.

Build 360, Version 3.0.0. Released 2006-02-28

  • Improved: Behavior of duplicate handling when converting distribution lists to Lotus Notes.
  • New: Support for using semicolon as a separator in CSV files in Europe.
  • Fixed: Mozilla address books would not be converted or they would be converted with only a couple of contacts.
  • Fixed: Address Magic would hang when converting Lotus Notes distribution lists if the Domino server was not available.
  • Fixed: Regression that prevented Lotus Notes 4 address books from being converted.
  • Fixed: Regression that caused multiline street addresses to be truncated after the first line when converting from Lotus Notes.

Build 358, Version 3.0.0. Released 2006-01-12

  • Fixed: Address Magic can't read all of the labels it wrote to CSV files.
  • Improved: Changed some labels written to CSV files to be compatible with Outlook instead of using internal names.
  • Fixed: Regression in Build 357 prevents comments in Lotus Notes contacts from being converted.
  • Fixed: User's field mapping for CSV files would be ignored for certain fields, including the cell phone and the business web page.
  • New: Added support for reading and writing distribution lists as text files to allow distribution lists to be migrated to mailing list managers.

Build 357, Version 3.0.0. Released 2005-12-13

  • Fixed: Windows keeps asking whether to run the software, even after installation.
  • Fixed: Multiline postal addresses in CSV files are not correctly handled. Each line in the CSV file should be assigned to the same property.
  • New: Support for Thunderbird 1.5, including new LDIF fields.
  • Fixed: Mozilla/Netscape 7 MAB file can be converted with either extra or missing contacts.

Build 355, Version 3.0.0. Released 2005-11-01

  • Fixed bug where Netscape 7.2 would not sometimes not show up as installed.
  • Fixed recent bug that prevented reading or writing the Personal Address Book (PAB) in Outlook.
  • Fixed bug where phone numbers would not be reformatted to Outlook's standard format. This broke some third party fax programs.

Build 353, Version 3.0.0. Released 2005-08-15

  • Fixed bug where Outlook contacts and distribution lists that point to an entry in the GAL would convert with an Exchange-style email address instead of an SMTP address.
  • Fixed bug where mozillaHomePostalCode was ignored when reading LDIF files created by Netscape 7 or Mozilla.
  • Fixed bug where a contact's prefix and suffix would be copied as zero when the source address book was from Notes 6.5.

Build 351, Version 3.0.0. Released 2005-07-07

  • Fixed bug reading Pine distribution lists that had no nickname.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Thunderbird data directory from being automatically located with some versions of Thunderbird.
  • Fixed bug converting Notes to Outlook that would cause random data type errors.
  • Added support for reading and writing address books from Hotmail Plus.

Build 349, Version 3.0.0. Released 2005-03-01

  • Added support for Eudora NNT address book files.
  • Fixed Thunderbird support.

Build 347, Version 3.0.0. Released 2005-02-09

  • Fixed bug where nicknames could be created in Eudora address books that contained punctation that would cause Eudora to crash.
  • Fixed bug where the first member of distribution lists imported from Pegasus could be lost.
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from selecting folders in non-default messages stores (such as Exchange Public Folders) when reading or writing Outlook.
  • Fixed bug that caused the conversion to fail when reading an AOL address book if a different screen name had been selected with the Folder button.
  • Palm Desktop 4.1.2 and 4.1.4 are not supported and will no longer show up as a source or destination.
  • Added support for CompuServe and Wal-Mart Connect.
  • Fixed problem where clicking the Folder button after selecting AOL as the source would show a blank dialog.
  • Fixed bug where buttons would be blank if McAfee Antivirus 8.0i was running.
  • Added support for Netscape 7.2.
  • Improved support for writing LDIF files for Mozilla/Netscape 7, including adding support for a second email address.

Build 341, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-11-10

  • Fixed hang reading certain AOL address books.

Build 339, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-10-20

  • Fixed "MAB parse error" reading Netscape 7 and Mozilla.
  • Fixed error accessing Microsoft Outlook that showed up as, "Your Outlook message store could not be opened."

Build 337, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-08-30

  • Fixed bug reading AOL address books where some contacts were ignored that shouldn't have been.

Build 336, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-08-17

  • Changed Browse Folder dialog to use a tree control.

Build 334, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-08-02

  • Fixed problem locating Mozilla/NS6/NS7 data directory.
  • Fixed hang on uninstall if Norton Antivirus is also installed.

Build 330, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-08-02

  • Fixed several bugs when importing Eudora with respect to default domain names and the default data directory.
  • Added support for reading Pegasus address books.
  • Added support for Thunderbird (the standalone email client of the Mozilla project.)
  • Added support for Opera 7.
  • Added support for read Mozilla 1.6 through 1.8.

Build 326, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-05-19

  • Completely rewrote AOL support to run without the help of the AOL client. Address Magic can now read AOL .abx and .aby address book files, even if the AOL client is not installed.
  • Fixed obscure bug in duplicate detection logic for contacts.
  • Changed version numbering scheme. Only the major number and build number will be changed from now on.
  • Fixed problem where converting an AOL address book could create dozens to hundreds of entries in the destination address book.

Build 323, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-03-08

  • Added install/uninstall options to simplify usage for users who click Open when downloading.
  • Fixed bug where new contacts could be blank in Outlook and WAB if the source was the Exchange GAL and users had more than three SMTP email addresses.
  • Added support for reading/writing the Private flag in Outlook.
  • Updated the Palm Desktop conversion so that the custom fields would be loaded into Outlook's User1 through User4 fields.
  • Modified the LDIF conversion so that even contacts without email addresses will be written to the LDIF file.
  • Added support for VCard as a Destination.

Build 321, Version 2.8.2. Released 2003-11-11

  • Fixed crash running under Windows 95 when reading AMI or LDIF files.
  • Added workaround for Outlook Express bug that always causes the Plain Text only flag to be set when reading contacts from WAB in IE6+service pack.

Build 320, Version 2.8.1. Released 2003-10-28

  • Added support for Mozilla 1.5.
  • Fixed Notes 5.02 and earlier so it starts up if it isn't running.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in Build 318 with business addresses in AOL 8 and 9.
  • Fixed problem where the Public Folders on an Exchange Server couldn't be opened until Outlook had been run.

Build 318, Version 2.8.0. Released 2003-09-28

  • Added support for Mozilla 1.4, Outlook 2003, Netscape 7.1, AOL 9, Eudora 6, Notes 6.5, and Groupwise NAB files.
  • Fixed error 48 writing distribution lists to Outlook 97.
  • Added French language translation and support for French versions of AOL.
  • Added support for embedded newlines in fields in CSV files.

Build 316, Version 2.7.1. Released 2003-05-29

  • Fixed problem of creating empty distribution lists in Outlook.
  • Fixed error 11 reading distribution lists from Exchange Server.

Build 314, Version 2.7.0. Released 2003-04-18

  • Added support for reading and writing CSV files.
  • Added support for Mozilla 1.3.
  • Fixed crash bug converting between Extended MAPI formats.
  • Worked around GroupWise bug that could cause a crash when reading nested distribution lists.

Build 312, Version 2.6.5. Released 2003-03-19

  • Fixed bug with non-default addresses when reading Outlook Express.
  • Added support for reading the LDIF tags written by Netscape 6/Netscape 7/Mozilla.
  • Fixed bug creating large distribution lists in Lotus Notes.

Build 310, Version 2.6.4. Released 2003-02-10

  • Added support for reading AOL 7 and 8 in the United Kingdom.

Build 309, Version 2.6.3. Released 2003-01-20

  • Fixed bug where Outlook hangs if the system default language is Chinese PRC.
  • Fixed Netscape 6/7 so it works properly if Netscape is being run by a user other than the one who installed Netscape.
  • Fixed bug in AOL 7 support where the Details pane needs to be showing under certain conditions.

Build 307, Version 2.6.2. Released 2002-12-02

  • Fixed crash reading an empty distribution list from an AMI file.

Build 305, Version 2.6.1. Released 2002-11-20

  • Fixed bugs in GroupWise profile handling that caused conversions to fail.

Build 304, Version 2.6.0. Released 2002-11-11

  • Added support for Notes 6, AOL 8, Netscape 7, and Mozilla 1.0/1.1/1.2.
  • Greatly reduced memory usage for very large address books (10,000+ contacts.)
  • Added support for both reading and writing Palm Desktop 4.1 and Lotus Notes 6.

Build 302, Version 2.5.4. Released 2002-09-19

  • Fixed bug in Eudora that prevented the location of the address book from being found in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug with extra "@aol" when reading AOL 7 address books.
  • Fixed bug with reading Lotus Notes that sometimes retrieved an old email address.
  • Fixed generation of Distinguished Name (dn) for Netscape 4.7.
  • Removed support for Netscape 3.

Build 300, Version 2.5.2. Released 2002-08-21

  • Added support for writing distribution lists in Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed crash reading the Exchange Server GAL.
  • Fixed bugs in handling of AOL 7 and Eudora distribution lists.
  • Fixed shutdown crash with Netscape 6.2.
  • Fixed Categories field in Outlook, which had stopped working.
  • Fixed problem where all new distribution lists in Outlook would be empty.

Build 298, Version 2.5.1. Released 2002-07-11

  • Fixed "Member not found" error with Lotus Notes.
  • Added support for reading Netscape 6.2 and Mozilla 1.0
  • Fixed resolution of Exchange addresses that are in an Outlook contacts folder.
  • Fixed AOL7 problem with screen names in email2 or email3 fields.
  • Fixed empty folder dialog if Exchange wasn't available.
  • Fixed browsing for files with Outlook Express.
  • Fixed handling of non-primary email addresses in Outlook Express.
  • Fixed use of RFC822-compliant addresses in Lotus Notes.

Build 296, Version 2.5.0. Released 2002-06-21

  • Numerous bugfixes in almost all supported formats.
  • Modified web page output to be sorted by last name.

Build 287, Version 2.1.1. Released 2002-04-08

  • Added support for administrators to convert to arbitrary mailboxes.
  • Fixed problems with the business fax number in several formats.
  • Fixed converting categories to the Palm.
  • Fixed email encoding flags in Outlook in Internet Mail mode.
  • Fixed bugs with AOL7 that prevented distribution lists from being read.

Build 285, Version 2.1.0. Released 2002-03-15

  • Added support for the Palm Desktop, GroupWise, and Opera 6.
  • Improved the detection of duplicates when duplicate handling is enabled.
  • Added support for reading groups from Notes.
  • Fixed bug where using the Exchange Server GAL as a source would sometimes cause EX addresses to go into the destination.
  • Added support for categories in Outlook, Notes, and the Palm Desktop.
  • Added support for multiple email addresses in Outlook, Outlook Express, and AOL 7.
  • In Eudora 5, fixed problem losing existing contact fields. Added support for the primary address flag.
  • Added support for reading AOL 7.

Build 280, Version 2.0.1. Released 2002-01-15

  • Added support for reading groups from Notes.
  • Added support for Opera 6 address book files.
  • Added support for the "children" field to Outlook & Outlook Express.
  • Fixed Eudora, Outlook, PAB, & Outlook Express so that contacts who only appear in distribution lists won't be created as standalone contacts in the destination.

Build 274, Version 2.0.0. Released 2001-09-26

  • Fixed problem where Address Magic sometimes creates blank contacts.
  • Fixed distribution list handling in Outlook 98 (CW); you need the Personal Address Book installed to get the best result.
  • Improved the support or the RTF and plain text flags.
  • Fixed problem where Address Magic would hang under certain errors from Exchange Server.
  • Fixed errors when Netscape 4 isn't installed.

Build 270, Version Hotfix. Released 2001-07-19

  • Fixed several problems with Outlook running in Corporate Mode with Exchange Server.
  • Fixed handling of international characters (Western European) when written to AMI files.
  • Added support for Outlook 2002/Office XP.
  • Added support for non-SMTP addresses in WAB.
  • Added back support for the HTML encoding flag in WAB/PST.
  • Fixed bug that caused comments to disappear when migrated.

Build 264, Version Hotfix. Released 2001-06-19

  • Fixed missing fax number when converting from Netscape 4.x to Notes.

Build 259, Version Hotfix. Released 2001-05-28

  • Improved detection for Pine version 4.
  • Fixed long-standing problem where Outlook would break if Outlook Express was the default mail client.
  • Added support for IE5.5.
  • Added support for one-off email addresses in Outlook and Outlook Express distribution lists.

Build 258, Version Hotfix. Released 2001-05-21

  • Numerous bug fixes for Lotus Notes, some fixes in Netscape 4.
  • Rewrote the support for Microsoft Outlook to get 100x performance increase when reading from Outlook.

Build 254, Version Hotfix. Released 2001-05-15

  • Rewrote support for Outlook. It's faster and more reliable.
  • Fixed bugs in almost all formats, including PAB, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Eudora, and Exchange Server.

Build 219, Version 1.5.0. Released 2001-03-11

  • Bugfixes for the PAB and Exchange Server.

Build 216, Version 1.x. Released 2001-02-11

  • Added support for Eudora 5.

Build 214, Version 1.x. Released 2001-01-23

  • Modified the UTF-8 conversion to work properly in LDIF when items had been base64 encoded.
  • Fixed several bugs that had crept into Eudora over the course of other fixes.

Build 213, Version 1.x. Released 2000-12-29

  • Improved support for writing distribution lists in Outlook 2000 in Corporate Mode.
  • Fixed international support when reading LDIF when UTF-8 multibyte characters were encountered.
  • Fixed distribution list handling when importing or exporting Pine.

Build 207, Version 1.x. Released 2000-10-22

  • Fixed international support when reading LDIF when UTF-8 multibyte characters were encountered.

Build 203, Version 1.x. Released 2000-08-24

  • Fixed a recurring error when exporting to a PAB.
  • Fixed a crash with Outlook 2000 in Corporate Mode.
  • Fixed initial bugs with Notes R5. Fixed field mapping bug importing from Netscape 4.
  • Fixed problem that created invalid contacts in Lotus Notes.

Build 191, Version 1.x. Released 2000-05-12

  • Added support for Lotus Notes R5.

Build 189, Version 1.x. Released 2000-04-21

  • Added support for AOL PFC files.

Build 184, Version 1.4.1. Released 2000-03-05

  • Added support for the case where Outlook Express is the default news reader, which completely bolixes up exporting to Outlook.
  • Changed "Personal Address Book" to use the real PAB and not the default address book folder, required for Outlook 2000.

Build 182, Version 1.4.0. Released 2000-01-03

  • Added support for identities in Outlook Express 5, as well as support for the version of Outlook Express that comes with Internet Explorer 5.01.
  • Fixed the selection of the SMTP address when multiple SMTP addresses exist for a user on an Exchange Server.
  • Fixed several problems with named properties.

Build 175, Version 1.3.0. Released 1999-10-12

  • Fixed several bugs that were introduced into Eudora conversion.
  • Eudora entries are now written even if there is no e-mail address.
  • Added support for reading Outlook 2000 distribution lists in Corporate Mode (Internet mode already worked.)
  • Fixed reading the GAL failed when a distlist's members were marked hidden on the server.
  • Fixed reading from the PAB or GAL would crash for no apparent reason, even when the demo worked.
  • Fixed properties that would be missing when MAPI was the source.
  • Extended MAPI named properties are now handled gracefully.
  • Fixed conflict with SHLWAPI.DLL on int'l systems.
  • Added support for Windows 2000.

Build 157, Version 1.2.2. Released 1999-04-04

  • Updated all contact info to include Connected Software's new domain name,
  • First release of demo.
  • Fixed bug when importing Outlook 97.

Build 155, Version 1.2.1. Released 1999-03-23

  • Added support for Pine.
  • Fixed Netscape 4.x crash.

Build 154, Version 1.1.1. Released 1999-02-26

  • Fixed some AMI bugs.

Build 151, Version 1.1.0. Released 1999-02-15

  • Added support for Address Magic Interchange file format.

Build 150, Version 1.0.2. Released 1999-01-24

  • Fixed crash when loading Netscape 4.0.
  • Added support for browsing Netscape 4.5 address books.
  • Added support for a stack dump in case of a fatal error.
  • Fixed problems with early versions of Win95.

Build 149, Version 1.0.1. Released 1999-01-21

  • Make Eudora nicknames RFC822 compliant.
  • Fixed Netscape 4.5 import handling so we wait for Netscape to finish exporting.

Build 148, Version 1.0.0 Final. Released 1999-01-04

  • First Gold release of version 1.0.0.

Build 146, Version 1.0.0 Beta. Released 1998-12-04

  • Added support for Netscape 4.5.

Build 138, Version 1.0.0 Beta. Released 1998-05-10

  • First public beta of version 1.0.0.