Lotus Notes/Outlook Conversion

Migrate Lotus Notes mailboxes and archives to Outlook

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Flexibility, speed, and reliability. We've spent ten years building these traits into Address Magic Enterprise (AME). Whether its 10GB mailboxes, encrypted files, standalone PST files, or centralized conversions, AME has done it before. In the MSExchange.org migration tool rankings, Address Magic Enterprise received over three times as many votes as any other product.

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The best way to demonstrate the product's capabilities is with a short example. AME is command line based to simplify automation. Wizards are useful for getting started, but aren't a viable solution for migrating thousands of users.

Here's how to convert a user's address book to the Outlook Contacts folder on a client workstation:

C:\> addrload nsf pst

That's it. AME finds all of the files, finds the servers, finds the folders, the Notes ID file, the Outlook profile - it's all automatic.

Now we'll add the commands to convert the Notes archive file to a PST file, then the Domino mailbox and the calendar/tasks to the Exchange mailbox:

C:\> addrload -m nsf Archive.pst
C:\> addrload -mr nsf:server!! pst

The only prerequisites are Outlook and Lotus Notes. AME did not have to be installed or preconfigured to run the above commands.

Our support specialists will work with you during your evaluation to determine if this strategy works best for you, a server-based strategy, or some combination.

Enterprise Features

Exchange Server Administrative Access Convert to any mailbox with a single administrator password.
Centralized Logging Centralized logging and monitoring allow you to monitor migration progress across the network.
Create PST files PST files can be automatically created. The Outlook profile can be temporarily or permanently updated.
Select Notes ID File Explicitly choose the Lotus Notes ID file to allow admin access to Notes mailboxes.
No Installation Run from thumb drive or file server with no installation and no "footprint."
No Registration You do not have to enter a registration code for each computer.
Non-Interactive Automatic configuration allows AME to run with no user involvement.

Address Book Features

Supported Fields Over 70 address book fields are converted to Outlook, including fields such as Postal addresses and phone numbers.
SMTP Addresses Notes email addresses are resolved to SMTP addresses so that Outlook users can Reply to messages.
Distribution Lists Mail-enabled Notes distribution lists are converted, including nested distribution lists.
iNotes Support Server-side iNotes address books are fully supported.
PDA Compatibility Contacts in Outlook are formatted to Outlook standards to ensure that synchronization applications will have the correct data to perform PDA synchronization.

Email Features

Market Leading Performance Careful optimization provides the highest possible performance. A circa-2007 desktop converted 21MB/minute from NSF to PST and 30MB/minute from NSF to Exchange.
Minimize Output Size Minimizes the size of mailboxes in Exchange using intelligent format conversion.
Folder Hierarchy The Notes folder structure is copied exactly, including nested folders.
Rich Text Rich Text messages are correctly converted.
MIME Messages MIME messages are preserved during conversion. Most migration utilities convert MIME to and from Rich Text.
Attachments Attachments are converted, including large attachments.
Embedded Images Embedded images are preserved.
Date Conversion Message dates such as sent, received, and downloaded are preserved during conversion.
Encrypted Messages Encrypted Notes messages are automatically decrypted.
Filtering Filter by folder and date.

Calendar Features

Calendars Appointments, events, and to-do lists are all converted to Outlook, including alarms (reminders) when appropriate. Free/busy status is preserved.
Recurring Appointments Recurrences are preserved or converted to multiple appointments as needed.
All Day Events "All Day" events are converted to the same in Outlook.

Other Features

Domino and Client Mailbox Support Convert from client or server-side mailboxes.
Archive files Archive files are automatically found based on the Notes profile.
Non-destructive Conversion Read/unread flags in Notes will not be affected.
International Support International character sets are fully supported, including Far East languages like Japanese and Chinese.

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