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Address Magic Enterprise PLUS

Converting your NSF files to PST (Lotus Notes to Outlook) has never been easier. Address Magic Enterprise (AME) does all of the heavy lifting, including creating PST files, locating Notes ID files, resolving SMTP addresses, updating the Outlook profile, and more. There's nothing to install - AME can be run directly from a file server.

AME is for deployments of 100 mailboxes or more. Home and small business users should see Address Magic Personal to convert NSF to PST.

NSF to PST Address book NSF to PST Email and messages NSF to PST Calendar, appointments and tasks
Selected Features
Archive files Supported Fully supported.
Server-side NSF files Supported Data in Lotus Notes will not be changed and users can continue to use Notes after the conversion.
Names.nsf files Supported International character sets are fully supported, included Far East languages like Japanese and Chinese.
iNotes address book support Supported Server-side iNotes address books are fully supported.
Market-Leading Performance Supported Uses the lowest-level programming interfaces for the highest possible performance. A recent test on a circa-2007 desktop converted 21MB/minute from NSF to PST and 30MB/minute from NSF to Exchange.
Minimize Output Size Convert NSF to PST The size of the converted messages is minimized with judicious use of styles and native MIME support.
Folder Hierarchy Supported The Lotus Notes folder structure is duplicated in the PST files.
Date Conversion Supported Dates such as sent, received, and downloaded are converted, including time zone compensation.
Encrypted Messages PST to NSF converter Messages are decrypted during conversion.
Filtering Supported Filter by folder and date.
Calendars Supported Appointments, events, and to-do lists are all converted to Outlook, including reminders when appropriate.
Create PST files Supported Automatically creates new pst files on-the-fly and adds or removes them from the Outlook profile as needed.

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