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Connected Software will make you successful. We'll provide full technical support during your evaluation and after the sale to make sure our software is optimally configured and running smoothly. There's no extra charge for product technical support.

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Address Magic Enterprise is a scalable and effective software solution for converting Microsoft Outlook data to Google Apps. Address Magic Enterprise (AME) has extensive support for various Outlook and Exchange configurations, including mixed models with Exchange mailboxes and client-side PST archives.

AME is for deployments of 100 mailboxes or more. Home and small business users should see Address Magic Personal.

Enterprise Features
Google Apps Administrative Access Supported Allows access to all Google Apps mailboxes by using a special key. Individual passwords are not required.
Exchange Server Administrative Access Supported Allows access to Exchange mailboxes without requiring a password for each mailbox.
Centralized Logging Supported Track the progress of each user and each folder with centralized logging and monitoring.
Archive PST files Supported Read any PST file, even if it's not in the profile.
Read any PST file Supported PST files can be referenced by name or path without requiring a manual change to the profile.
No Installation Supported Can be run from a central file server or batch file with no installation and no "footprint."
No Registration Supported Automatically validates with the licensing server. No need to type in a registration code on each workstation.
Non-Interactive Supported Run the migration centrally or each user's workstation with no user involvement.
Address Book Features (All versions)
Supported Fields Supported All compatible fields are converted to Google Apps, including comments and postal addresses.
SMTP Addresses Supported All Exchabge email addresses are resolved to their respective SMTP addresses.
Distribution Lists Supported Distribution lists are converted, including one-offs and contacts.
Email Features (PLUS versions)
High Performance Supported Uses the lowest-level programming interfaces for the highest possible performance. Updates to Google Apps are sent in bulk instead of one by one.
Label Support Supported Each element of the folder hierarchy is converted to an individual label.
Folder Hierarchy Supported The complete folder hierarchy in the Outlook mailbox is processed.
Internet Headers Supported All Internet headers are preserved.
Attachments Supported Attachments are preserved,
Embedded Images Supported Embedded images are converted.
Date Conversion Supported Dates such as sent, received, and downloaded are converted.
Filtering Supported Filter by folder and date.
Calendar Features (PLUS versions)
Calendars Supported Appointments and events are converted to Google Apps, including reminders when appropriate. Google Apps does not support Tasks.
Recurring Appointments Supported Recurrences are preserved or converted to multiple appointments as needed.
All Day Events Supported All Day events are accurately converted, including free/busy status.
Other Features
Supports All Editions of Google Apps Supported Works with all versions of Google Apps, including Standard, Premier, Educational, and Partner. Some features of AME require the Premier or Educational version of Google Apps.
Exchange and PST Mailbox Support Supported Convert from client or server-side mailboxes.
Archive files Supported Fully supported.
Non-destructive Conversion Supported Data in Outlook will not be changed and users can continue to use Outlook after the conversion.
International Support Supported International character sets are fully supported, including Far East languages like Japanese and Chinese.

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