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We do what it takes to make your migration successful. We'll provide full technical support during your evaluation and after the sale to make sure our software is optimally configured and running smoothly. There's no extra charge for product technical support.

In the 2008 Migration Software Survey, Connected Software drew twice as many votes as the next competitor. We were the top choice by customers for converting between different email systems.

We offer only Level III tech support. We'll work with you on the phone and use screen sharing to directly provide solutions. You'll benefit from our ten years of migration experience to minimize cost and deployment time.

Address Magic Enterprise PLUS(AME) provides a complete solution for migrating Thunderbird and Mozilla address books and email to Google Apps for 100 to 100,000 mailboxes. (Home and small business users: see Address Magic Personal.)

Product Features

Folder Hierarchy Conversion - The Thunderbird folder structure is converted to tags in Google Apps, with one tag per nested folders. Special folders, such as the In and the Out folder, are copied to the appropriate folders in Google Apps.

Multiple Address Book Conversion - AME automatically finds all address books and merges them into Google Apps.

Contact Information Conversion - All contact information is converted, including phone numbers, postal addresses, comments, multiple email addresses and more. Thunderbird distribution lists are converted to Google Apps distribution lists.

Full-Featured Email Conversion - Both text and HTML messages will be converted appropriately to Google Apps. Attachments and embedded images will also be converted intact.

International Support - International character sets are supported, included Far East languages like Japanese and Chinese.

Message Date Conversion - AME correctly converts all dates such as sent, received, and downloaded, including time zone compensation.

Thunderbird not required - AME can convert Thunderbird address books and email even if Thunderbird isn't installed. Administrators can point AME at an arbitrary directory for conversion.

Passwords Not Required - For centralized conversions, AME directly opens each user's Google Apps Mailbox and inserts contacts, folders, and messages. It is not necessary to have a separate password for each mailbox being converted.

Server-side Conversion - For the migration of server-side mailboxes, AME supports IMAP mailboxes, including administrator password overrides.

Non-destructive Conversion - The data in Thunderbird will not be changed in any way and Thunderbird will continue to function normally after the conversion.

Typical Configuration

The most common configuration for running Address Magic is to convert Thunderbird mail archives to a local Google Apps PST file and and the address books to the Exchange mailbox. Here are the command lines that do this: (Note that PST is a generic identifier and does not necessarily refer to a PST file.)

C:\> addrload -am tb gapps

You'll notice that there are no profile names, path names, user names, or any other user-specific configuration. Everything is determined automatically at run time.


Licensing for Address Magic is based on the number of mailboxes. A mailbox is the contacts, email and calendar information for a single user. It does not matter who runs the software, it does not matter where the software is installed, and it does not matter how many copies are running simultaneously.


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