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Address Magic Enterprise PLUS (AME) provides a complete solution for migrating address books and email from Eudora to Outlook for 100 to 100,000 mailboxes. AME is designed to minimize deployment costs by running hands-off with its unique Configure Once, Run Everywhere design. AME can convert Eudora data to either an Outlook PST file, an Exchange mailbox, or a combination of the two. AME adapts itself to your migration strategy by supporting both centralized (bulk) and client-side operation modes. AME is now in its fifth major revision and is a mature, stable conversion engine.

Product Features

Multiple Address Book Conversion - AME automatically finds all Eudora address books and copies each address book individually to Outlook. The default address book (nndbase.txt) is copied to the Outlook default contacts folder and all other folder names are preserved.

Distribution List Conversion - Eudora distribution lists are converted to Outlook distribution lists. Where possible, distribution list members are matched up to other contacts in the address book to create an optimal distribution list in Outlook.

Contact Information Conversion - All contact information is converted, including phone numbers, postal addresses, comments, multiple email addresses and more.

Folder Hierarchy Conversion - The Eudora message folder structure is duplicated in Outlook, including nested folders. Special folders, such as the In and the Out folder, are copied to the appropriate folders in Outlook, such as Inbox and Sent Items.

HTML Email Conversion - Both text messages and HTML messages will be converted appropriately to Outlook. Character sets will be preserved for non-English messages.

Message Date Conversion - AME correctly converts all dates such as sent, received, and downloaded, including time zone compensation.

Attachment Conversion - Messages attachments that Eudora stripped out are reattached. Messages with very large attachments can optionally be placed in a separate folder to minimize server space usage.

Raw Folder Conversion - AME can convert Eudora address books and email even if Eudora isn't installed. Administrators can specify the directory to be converted.

Configure Once, Run Everywhere™ (CORE) - AME automatically configures itself to each client machine. For Eudora, AME finds the default data folder, finds the address books, finds the email folders, and finds the Attachments and Embedded directories. For Outlook, AME automatically determines the default profile and the location of the PST file or Exchange mailbox. Therefore the same command line works on each workstation and no individual configuration is required.

Exchange Server Direct Access - For centralized conversions, AME directly opens each user's Exchange Mailbox and inserts contacts, folders, and messages. It is not necessary to create a profile for each mailbox being converted.

Market Leading Performance - AME uses the lowest-level programming interfaces for the highest possible performance.

Non-destructive Conversion - The data in Eudora will not be changed in any way and Eudora will continue to function normally after the conversion.

Typical Configuration

The most common configuration for running Address Magic is to convert Eudora mail archives to a local Outlook PST file and and the address books to the Exchange mailbox. Here are the command lines that do this: (Note that PST is a generic identifier and does not necessarily refer to a PST file.)
C:\> addrload -m eud Archive.pst
C:\> addrload -a eud pst

Notice that there are no path names, user names, or any other user-specific configuration. Everything is determined automatically at run time.

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