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Address Magic Personal PLUS (Sale Price)

Migrate your Thunderbird email and address books to Outlook.

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Migrate your Thunderbird email and address books to Outlook.

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If you have 100 users or more, please see Address Magic Enterprise PLUS to convert Thunderbird to Outlook.

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Product Features

Windows Logo Supports Windows 7 / XP / Vista.

Address Book Features
Supported Fields Supported All address book fields are converted to Outlook, even fields like web page and comments.
Distribution Lists Supported Distribution lists are converted.
Multiple address books Supported Address Magic can separately export each Thunderbird address book to a separate Outlook contacts folder.
Compatible with Blackberry and iPhone. Supported Contacts in Outlook are formatted to ensure that they will synchronize with Blackberry and iPhone devices.
Email Features
Market Leading Performance Supported Uses the lowest-level programming interfaces for the highest possible performance. A recent test on a circa-2007 desktop converted 250MB/minute from Thunderbird to Outlook PST file.
Folder Hierarchy Supported The Thunderbird folder structure is duplicated in the Outlook mailbox.
Attachments Supported Attachments are preserved,
Embedded Images Supported Embedded images are converted.
Date Conversion Supported Dates such as sent, received, and downloaded are converted, including time zone compensation.
Select Directory Supported Choose exactly which directory to convert, even if Thunderbird isn't installed.
Other Features
Raw Data Conversion Supported Address Magic doesn't require Thunderbird to be installed to do the conversion. However, Outlook 2003 or later is required.
Non-destructive Conversion Supported No changes are made to Thunderbird. Everything will continue to work in Thunderbird after the conversion.
International Support Supported International character sets are fully supported, including Far East languages like Japanese and Chinese.
Automatic file location Supported Address Magic will automatically locate all necessary files in Thunderbird and Outlook. There's no need to search by extension for the files for each application.
Outlook Express support Supported Converting to Gmail and Windows Mail is also supported.