Address Magic Enterprise Pricing

You need one license of Address Magic Enterprise for each mailbox to be converted. A mailbox is comprised of the email folders and address books for a single user. The number of computers does not matter and the person who actually runs the software does not matter. If you are converting the Exchange GAL to a public contacts folder, it counts as a single mailbox.

Licenses are non-transferable. Once assigned, a license may not be moved to another mailbox.

To purchase Address Magic Enterprise: please contact our Corporate Sales department at:
(866) 363-2700 - Toll Free in the continental USA
(978) 363-2700 - International

For payment, we accept major credit cards, wire transfers, and purchase orders. Purchase orders are only accepted for orders over $1,000.

Product Part # Product Description Price ($)

Address Magic Enterprise PLUS

address books, email and calendars

Address book    Email    Calendar
37401 100 mailbox base pack 1200
37601 100 mailbox add-on pack 900
37451 1,000 mailbox base pack 9000
37501 100 mailbox add-on pack (1000+ discount) 750
10,000+ mailboxes CALL

Address Magic Enterprise

address books only

Address book
37001 100 mailbox base pack 500
37101 100 mailbox add-on pack 300
37151 1,000 mailbox base pack 3000
37201 100 mailbox add-on pack (1000+ discount) 250
10,000+ mailboxes CALL