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Convert from Mac Eudora
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 05 February 2008 07:04 AM

This article describes how to convert from Eudora on the Mac to any format supported by Address Magic. Although Address Magic does not run on the Mac, Address Magic is capable of reading the Mac Eudora file format, with some limitations.

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Create a ZIP file of your Mac data by going to your Documents folder, right-clicking on “Eudora Folder”, and selecting create Archive.
  2. Copy the resulting ZIP file to your PC. (Using a ZIP file is preferred to copying the individual files because the ZIP file will work properly if some filenames can't be used on the PC.)
  3. Unzip the ZIP file on the PC to a new directory, such as C:\Mac. Then run Address Magic Personal.
  4. Select either Address Book or Messages, as needed.
  5. For the Source, select Eudora.
  6. Click the Folder button and choose the Eudora Folder you unzipped a moment ago.
  7. Choose the Destination as desired.

The following limitations apply to messages converted from Mac Eudora:

  • The read/unread state is not remembered.
  • The replied/forwarded flags are not handled.
  • Attachments to email that you sent cannot be reattached.
  • Attachments to email that you received are sometimes not possible to reattach.
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