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How to convert to different folder in Outlook with ePreserver
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 08 September 2008 06:51 PM

Problem: ePreserver always mixes the converted information with existing data in Outlook. ePreserver will not allow you to choose a different folder.

Solution: Create a new profile and a new PST file to store the data converted by ePreserver.

Please perform the following procedure. These instruction assume that you are proficient with Outlook. Connected Software does not provide technical support on this procedure:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Create a new Outlook profile in Control Panel / Mail.
  3. Set that profile to be the default.
  4. Start Outlook and create a POP3 account. You can put in dummy values, you don't need to use a real POP3 server.  (This step is what creates a second PST file.)
  5. Run ePreserver and do the conversion.
  6. Everything will now be in the new PST file.
  7. Close Outlook.
  8. Switch back to the original profile.
  9. Open the new PST file.
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