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Gmail error says "Too many login failures"
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 02 March 2009 04:47 PM

(Applies to ePreserver)

Symptom: You are converting your messages to Gmail, but when you enter your username and password, ePreserver immediately asks again for the same information. After a few tries, you receive the error, "Too many login failures."

Cause: Bug in Norton Internet Security 2009.

Solution: Please perform the following steps.

  1. Open Norton Internet Security 2009
  2. Next to Computer (the top oval box), click Settings.
  3. When the Settings window open, click the beige bar labeled Internet Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the last section labeled Smart Firewall
  5. To the right of Program Control, click Configure.
  6. Scroll down to ePreserver.
  7. Change the Access (on the right) from Auto to Allow.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click OK again.
  10. Run ePreserver again.

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