"Access Denied" error creating task in Epicenter
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 10 August 2012 02:43 PM

(Applies to Epicenter Server only.)

Problem: You are scheduling a task with Windows Task Scheduler, but you get the error "Access Denied" when you try to save the task.

Causes: There are four common causes to this problem. In order of frequency of occurrence:

  1. You are a domain user logged in on Windows XP, but you do not have Administrator permissions for the local system to run the Task Scheduler. To solve this, follow #3 under the Solutions section.
  2. You are running Windows XP, which has a bug in Windows Scheduler due to a security update. Please see the Solutions section, below.
  3. Your account has a blank password. You need to set a password for your account. Please see this site for more information:
  4. You must be an Administrator to create a task running as another user. Please see this knowledgebase article:

Solutions: If you are running Windows XP, these are the possible solutions to this problem.

  1. Microsoft says to Install Windows XP Service Pack 3. Although this is Microsoft's recommended solution, Connected Software has found that it may not solve the problem.
  2. For Windows XP SP2, install the hotfix. Go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/904423 and click the link at the top of the page labeled "View and request hotfix downloads."
  3. For Windows XP SP3, add the "Access this computer from the network" permission to the user account that will run the scheduled task. To do this for the local computer policy, follow these steps:


    Click Start, click Run, type Gpedit.msc, and then click OK.




    Expand the following items in the Local Computer Policy list:

    Computer Configuration
    Windows Settings
    Security Settings
    Local Policies


    Double-click Access this computer from the network, and then click Add User or Group.


    Add the new user name or the group name in the Enter the object names to select area.


    Click Check Names to verify the entries.


    Click OK two times.

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