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Convert WAB to Outlook in Windows 7
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 18 October 2010 02:15 AM

Problem: Address Magic Personal cannot import Windows Address Book (WAB) in Windows 7.

Cause: WAB is not supported by Windows 7.

Solution: There are two workarounds.

The first alternative is to import to Windows Contacts on the Windows 7 computer.

  1. Copy the WAB file to the Windows 7 computer.
  2. Open your Windows Contacts folder under Windows 7.
  3. Click the Import button on the toolbar.
  4. Select Windows Address Book File as the Source.
  5. Click Import.
  6. Use Address Magic to convert Windows Contacts to Outlook.

The second alternative is to export the WAB file on the original Windows XP system as follows:

  1. Run Address Magic on a Windows XP system.
  2. Select WAB as the source.
  3. If the WAB file is from another computer, use the File button to select it. Otherwise just click Next.
  4. Choose Address Magic Backup (AMI) as the Destination.
  5. Click the File button and write the file to a USB thumb drive that you can bring to the new computer.
  6. Run Address magic on the new computer and convert the AMI file to Windows 7, then convert to Outlook 2010.

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