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"Class not registered" error converting contacts to Outlook
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 30 July 2018 12:24 PM

(Applies to: ePreserver, Address Magic)

Problem: When converting contacts to Microsoft Outlook, you receive the following error:

Outlook could not be started. The error reported was: "Library not registered."


There are four common causes for this problem. (The solutions below are provided as a service to our customers and will not be supported as part of our free technical support.)

#1: Outlook is not installed. Note that Microsoft Outlook is completely different from Outlook Express.

Solution: Install Microsoft Office 20010 or later. If you install Outlook 2010, make sure you install the 32-bit version of Office.

#2: Outlook's installation is damaged. If this is the case, Outlook may run fine, the problem only affects 3rd party software. This problem is common on computers with Outlook preinstalled when you purchased the computer.

Solution: Go to Control Panel / Programs and Features, select Microsoft Office and click Repair. Once this is complete, ePreserver and Address Magic should recognize Outlook.

#3: You are using Outlook 64-bit, which is not supported by the 32-bit versions of our software.

Solution: If you are using Address Magic, you can upgrade to the 64-bit version for no charge. Submit a support ticket with your request. Otherwise, run Address Magic on a computer running 32-bit Outlook, copy the PST file to the computer running 64-bit Outlook, and import the PST file into 64-bit Outlook using Outlook's built-in import command.

#4: You are using Microsoft Office 2010 "Click to Run", which does not work with 3rd party applications.

Solution: Upgrade to a newer version of Office.



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