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Dates are wrong after importing mbox messages
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 19 April 2014 09:37 PM

(Applies to: Address Magic Personal, Address Magic Enterprise)

Problem: Messages imported from mbox files have date/times that are off by a few hours.

Cause: mbox headers are missing timezone information. For example:

From  Sat Jan 18 19:15:01 1997

You’ll notice that there’s no timezone on this line.  For other dates, such as the sent date and the SMTP received date, the timezone is included. For example:

Date: 18 Jan 97 16:08:00 +0100

Since the mbox line doesn’t have a timezone, Address Magic uses the local timezone. If youare in a different timezone from where the mbox file had been created, the dates are transferring with the wrong timezone. You might think that copying the timezone from one of the other lines would make sense, but in fact that is usually wrong because SMTP servers can be anywhere in the world.


With Address Magic Enterprise you can use the command line parameter -i IgnoreMailboxDate=1 to force Address Magic Enterprise to ignore the “From ” line, but this choice does not exist with Address Magic Personal. The workaround is to change your system timezone for the duration of the conversion.


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