Errors converting to or from GroupWise
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(Applies to Address Magic Personal and Address Magic Enterprise.)
Symptom: You receive unexpected errors converting between GroupWise and Outlook.

Cause: GroupWise and Outlook do not coexist peacefully. You must switch profiles in order to go from one to the other.

Solution: To convert from GroupWise to Outlook, follow these steps.
  1. Make sure that both GroupWise and Outlook are closed (for Outlook, use File/Exit, don't click the X in the top right.)
  2. Use Address Magic to convert from GroupWise to Address Magic Backup (AMI.) Make sure you pay to attention to where you save the AMI file because you'll need to find it again.
  3. In Control Panel / Mail, make sure your default profile is set to Outlook's profile and not the Novell profile.
  4. Run Address Magic again, and convert from AMI to Outlook.
Older versions of GroupWise, such as 5.5, cannot be installed on the same computer as Microsoft Outlook. To convert from GroupWise 5.5 to Outlook, you must install Outlook on a separate computer. Follow the directions above, but copy the AMI file from the GroupWise computer to the Outlook computer.
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