Some Epicenter contacts are always out of date
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 13 December 2016 12:31 PM

(Applies to: Epicenter Server)

Problem: A small number of contacts always show as Updated in the History, even though they haven't changed.

Cause: The “showinaddressbook” attribute is populated in Active Directory for those contacts, but the users do not have a mailbox.


[Connected Software cannot provide technical support on the information below because this is not an issue with our product. The information below is presented as a courtesy to our customers.]

Check the event log on the Exchange Server. This article applies if you see Exchange Server Event ID similar to this:

9325 “OABGen will skip user entry ‘Smith, John’ in address list ‘\Global Address List’ because the SMTP address is “ is invalid. - \Default Offline Address Book. You will see one of these errors for each of the users that is continually updated.

Check to see if any of these users have email accounts. This problem can be caused if either someone deleted an email account for John Smith or if someone copied an AD account that had an email account and never created one for the new user.

The solution is to remove the contents of the “Showinaddressbook” attribute and rerun Epicenter.

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