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Epicenter Server Subscription Support Renewal
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 11 February 2015 09:55 PM

(Applies to: Epicenter Server)

This article provides a plain-English explanation of how Support Subscriptions work for Epicenter Server. Support Subscriptions are always contiguous. This means that if you purchase a renewal in March for a subscription that expired in January, then the one year renewal started in January. Here is the background:

When we sell an Epicenter user license, it comes with a year of technical support and software updates. The customer has purchased that license and can run it past that first year without issue even if they choose not to re-subscribe to the support. We have a number of customers who are running older versions of the software without issues and have not re-subscribed for support. As long as you don’t need technical support, don’t want to add users or don’t change anything in the environment that requires running more current Epicenter software everything will continue to function. However, if you do need technical support, need to run more current Epicenter software or want to add users then you need to “catch up” in the software update chain. Each of our releases builds on the last one so you can’t just skip ahead – the support needs to be continuous from the initial software purchased.

The one caveat is that subscriptions cannot be renewed if they are more than three years out of date. At that point, you must repurchase the licenses.

Hopefully this explanation helps you to understand why our support needs to be continuous from the date of purchase.


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