Error: RESULT_PROPERTY_EPISERVE is not a valid short filename
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 25 November 2016 08:12 PM

(Applies to: Epicenter Server)

Problem: When you try to install or uninstall Epicenter Server, you see this error:

Error: RESULT_PROPERTY_EPISERVE is not a valid short filename

Cause: Bug in Windows Installer


The Epicenter Server installer created a file named "RESULT_PROPERTY_EPISERVE" that is on a drive that is now inaccessible.

  1. Go to this key in your registry: (the portion with X's refers to your user's SID and needs to be chosen accordingly for your user.)


  2. Now look at this value:


  3. Edit the value and make sure it's pointing to a writable location (A CD or DVD drive will not work.) You do not need to create the file.

  4. Run the installer or uninstaller again and it should work.

If you aren't sure how to find the value above, then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData then do a search for RESULT_PROPERTY_EPISERVE. The first result will probably just be in a list of directories, so continue the search to find the second result.


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