Error: You do not have permission to log on. The configuration registry key is invalid.
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 18 May 2019 09:54 PM
(Applies to: Epicenter Server)
Symptom: You see an error message similar to the following:
05/17/19 12:32:02 [Global Address List] Starting unscheduled update to all recipients.
05/17/19 12:32:10 [Global Address List] Unable to open the mailbox for John Doe <>.  Microsoft Exchange Information Store reported that, "You do not have permission to log on."  Reason: MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER.  Support Info: 0x3f2 / The configuration registry key is invalid.  / 1305
05/17/19 12:32:10 [Global Address List] Update failed.
Cause: Exchange Privileges setting need to be changed.
  1. Open Epicenter Server
  2. From the Tools menu, select Exchange Privileges...
  3. Select the choice for Epicenter has privileges that Exchange will determine.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Send the update again.


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