I received the error MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID
Posted by Swift Admin, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 02 October 2007 08:45 PM
Symptom: You select GAL or you select Exchange Server/Other MAPI as the Destination when converting your address book to your Exchange Global Address List, but you receive the following error:
Conversion error, location 16. Please report this error to Connected Software. The error reported was:
"Microsoft Exchange Address Book" reported that, "The entry ID is not valid."
Cause: For Exchange, you cannot use Exchange Server/Other MAPI as a destination, only as a source.
Solution: If you want to write to a public Contacts folder, use Outlook, not Exchange Server/Other MAPI as your destination and then choose the Folder button. If you want to write to the Global Address List (GAL), you should use LDIFDE in Address Magic Enterprise. Writing to the GAL is not supported in Address Magic Personal.
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