Eudora and Outlook timestamps don't match up
Posted by Swift Admin, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 23 January 2008 12:17 AM
Symptom:  After importing messages from Eudora into Outlook, the timestamps for messages shown by Outlook are several minutes up to several days different than the timestamps shown by Eudora.
Cause: This issue has several causes and you may be running into several of them simultaneously:
  1. You are looking at timestamps for different things in Eudora and Outlook. Eudora shows you the date that the message was sent. Outlook, by default, shows you the date the message was received. These can potentially be different by several days if, for example, the message stayed queued on a POP3 server. If you want to see the dates match, go into Outlook and turn on the Sent column in the summary view.
  2. When showing timestamps, Outlook does rounding and Eudora does truncation when displaying a timestamp. Therefore, timestamps often disagree by a minute.
  3. Eudora displays dates and times from a cached table of contents. Address Magic uses the actual date of the message. These two values sometimes disagree, particularly in the Out folder.
Solution:  Product is operating as expected.
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