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My screenname does not appear in the list
Posted by Swift Admin, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 30 July 2012 04:16 PM
(Applies to: ePreserver)
Symptom: Under "Which screen name do you want to copy from?", either your screen name does not appear or the list is empty.
Cause: There are several possible causes:
1. You read your email in your web browser, not with AOL 9 or AOL Desktop. To convert your email, select as the desired screen name and click Next. Alternatively, To convert your address book and email, please install AOL Desktop, sign in, and run ePreserver again.
2. Your AOL software is installed on another computer. You usually run ePreserver on the same computer where you have AOL 9 or AOL Desktop installed. To run ePreserver on another computer, please see the instructions in
3. ePreserver is looking in the wrong Organize directory. Manually locate your Organize directory with the procedure below, then click the Folder button in ePreserver to select to that directory.
  1. Open the Windows "Start" menu and choose Search (or Find).
  2. On Windows XP, click "All files and folders" from the list, then click "More advanced options" and check "Search hidden files and folders."
  3. Under "All or part of the file name" type in your screen name. Click "Search". 
When the search is completed, the result box will show you in which directories your file can be found. To convert that file, run ePreserver, click the Show More Choices button (if it appears), then click the Folder button to choose to the correct Organize directory. (Do not choose a Cache directory.)
If you need more help finding your Organize directory please read this article:
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