MAPI_E_TABLE_TOO_BIG when converting to Outlook
Posted by Swift Admin, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 02 November 2008 02:51 AM
Symptom: When you convert an address book with over 16,000 contacts to a contacts folder in Outlook 97 through 2002, you receive the error MAPI_E_TABLE_TOO_BIG. This error can also happen if you try to convert more than 16,000 messages to a single Outlook folder (ePreserver and Address Magic Enterprise only.)
Cause: By default, Outlook 97 through 2002 has a limit of approximately 16,000 entries in a single folder. See This limit can be raised to about 64,000 contacts, but Outlook does not support storing more than 64,000 entries in a folder.

Solution: If you are getting that error around 16,000 contacts, you may need to force Outlook to upgrade to large table support. As soon as you receive the error, go to the contacts folder, select several hundred contacts, choose Edit/Copy and then Edit/Paste from the menu.  Now delete everything in the folder and run Address Magic again.
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