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Solving "AOL is currently using the screen name ..."
Posted by Swift Admin, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 25 August 2015 09:56 AM
(Applies to: ePreserver)
Symptom: When you try to convert your AOL Filing Cabinet, you get the error "AOL is currently using the screen name xxx" where xxx is your screen name.
Cause: The AOL data file is already in use because AOL is running.
Solution: Please perform the following steps:
  1. Close ePreserver.
  2. Start "AOL System Information" as follows: open AOL window (no need to sign on>. On the tools bar, find "Help", open help
    and there's "AOL System Information". Another way to open AOL System Information is to use your Start menu. It's usually in the AOL group.
  3. Click "Utilities", then click "Close All AOL Programs".

    AOL System Information
  4. Restart ePreserver if it's not still running. You can find it on your Desktop. It's a white life preserver on a blue background. Do not restart AOL until ePreserver is finished.
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