Dates are wrong after importing AOL messages
Posted by Swift Admin, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 19 April 2014 09:32 PM
ePreserver tries very hard to determine the proper date and time for each imported messages, but there may be problems in some situations.  Common situations include: 
  1. You are importing a PFC file from a country with a different date representation, either a different ordering for d/m/y, a different separator character, or both. For example, importing a German date of 23.3.2005 in the United States will cause this problem.  You can often fix this problem by going to Control Panel, changing your Regional Settings to match the PFC file, runn ePreserver, the restoring your Regional Settings when you are done.
  2. If many dates are showing up as midnight, this is correct behavior. The older versions of the AOL client did not show a message's time, only its date, so ePreserver is not able to restore the correct time.
  3. If some messages are an hour off, you may be importing messages across time zones when one time zone has daylight savings and the other time zone does not.  Messages from older versions of the AOL client do not include timezone information so it's not possible for ePreserver to know the correct behavior.
  4. If many messages are showing as hours or days off, please upgrade to the latest version of ePreserver.
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