Why didn't ePreserver convert my attachments?
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 27 July 2015 10:28 PM

(Applies to: ePreserver)

Symptom: ePreserver ran successfully, but many attachments are missing. This problem only happens when converting local PFC files. Attachments from email saved on AOL work fine.

Cause: ePreserver fully supports converting attachments. This problem happens when ePreserver can't find the original attachments. ePreserver attaches a text file to messages to tell you why the attachment wasn't found.

It's important to realize that AOL saves attachments as standalone files in your file system, not in your PFC file. If you delete the original attachments, or if you copy the PFC file to another computer, then ePreserver can't reattach the attachments because the original attachments are gone. 

This problem is also seen when ePreserver converts email that's stored on AOL (as opposed to email stored in your PFC file.) AOL only keeps attachments for 30 days, so AOL may have deleted the attachment if the mail message is more than a month old. Sometimes you can work around this problem by opening the attachment in the AOL client (not AOL webmail.) This would download the attachment if it exists and should make it available to ePreserver.

Solution: In most cases, the original attachments are gone and cannot be retrieved. This is a limitation of AOL, not a limitation of ePreserver.

If you copied your PFC file from another computer, you may need to use a different strategy to be able to reattach the attachments. See this article:


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