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Error 12029 during activation
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 11 April 2008 08:11 AM

Symptom: You receive an Error 12029 after you enter your registration code.

Cause: You are running a software firewall and ePreserver is blocked from accessing the Internet.

Solution: Add ePreserver to the "allowed" list for your firewall with the following steps.

1. Right-click the AOL Security Center icon on your task bar.

AOL Security Center task bar icon

2. Choose Firewall | Open from the menu.

AOL Security Center menu

3. You will see the AOL Security Center open up, like this:

AOL Security Center

4. From the Tools menu, choose Program Permissions.

Tools menu in AOL Security Center

5. Click the Add button.

Add button in the AOL Security Center Firewall tab.

6. In the Open dialog, choose the file named

C:\Program Files\Connected Software\ePreserver\ePreserver.exe

7. In the Select Permission window, click the Allow button.

Select Permissions window

8. You should now see ePreserver in the list of allowed applications.

ePreserver in the list of allowed applications

9. Now run ePreserver again and you should be able to activate successfully.

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