How do I convert contacts to an iPod?
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 05 April 2007 09:17 PM

To copy your address book to an iPod using Address Magic Personal, please follow these steps:

  1. Use Address Magic Personal to convert your address book. Use vCard as the destination, then click the File button and save the file as "contacts.vcf" on your desktop.
  2. Open iTunes and allow the iPod to update itself.
  3. Open Edit->Preferences, select the iPod tab, check the box "Enable Disk Use" and click OK. - Soon, the iPod hard drive will show up as a separate disk.
  4. Drag the contacts.vcf file from your desktop into the Contacts folder on the iPod.
  5. To disconnect the iPod do one of two things:
        a. In iTunes, open Edit->Preferences again and uncheck the box "Enable Disk Use" and click OK. The iPod will then disconnect from the computer.
        b. Click the eject icon to the right of the iPod in the iTunes Source list.
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