Conversion from Notes to Outlook crashes
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 17 February 2009 01:08 AM

Symptom: Address Magic crashes converting your address book from Notes to Outlook. No useful error message is generated.

Cause: Usually caused by a configuration problem on your computer.

Solution: There are three possible workarounds.

First, try to convert to Address Magic Backup (AMI):

C:\> Addrload nsf c:\test.ami

If this works, then the probably is the conversion to Outlook. It's almost certain that this is a system configuration problem. Address Magic hasn't had a bug reported against Microsoft Outlook conversion in several years.

If the conversion to AMI works, the easiest workaround to the crash is to convert to Windows Address Book (WAB), then import the WAB address book using Outlook's built-in import command. For example:

C:\> Addrload nsf wab

Now use Outlook's built-in import command to import Windows Address Book to your Outlook Contacts folder.

If the conversion to AMI/WAB doesn't work, then the problem is with the Notes configuration. The easiest workaround is to copy the names.nsf file to another computer where Address Magic works properly and convert to Address Magic Backup (AMI), like this:

C:\> Addrload c:\names.nsf c:\test.ami

Copy the AMI file back to the original computer and import it with this command:

C:\> Addrload c:\names.ami pst

If this command still crashes, you will need to run the installer for Microsoft Outlook and perform a Repair operation.

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