How do I convert to a new PST file?
Posted by Jim Beveridge on 02 October 2007 08:06 PM

Problem: The File button in Address Magic Personal will not allow you to create a new PST file.

Cause: Address Magic Personal doesn't support creating new PST files.

Solution: The steps below is for your reference only. Technical Support at Connected Software cannot help you if you have questions or difficulty. The solution is as follows:

1. Close Outlook
2. Create a new Outlook Profile based on POP3. You can use dummy answers for the POP3, you just need to fill out the wizard.
3. Make the new profile your default.
4. Start Outlook. You should see that the Personal Folders are empty.
5. Do the conversion with Address Magic.
6. Confirm the conversion in Outlook.
7. Right-click the Personal Folders folder, choose Properties, then choose Advanced. You'll see the filename of the new PST file.
8. Close Outlook.
9. Copy the PST file to the desired location.
10. Delete the new profile and set your old profile to be the default.

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