Tools for Outlook and Exchange

iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Epicenter Server

Send your Exchange Global Address List (GAL) to iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry users.

AOL Export, Recovery and Forensics


Convert your AOL email, favorites and contacts to Outlook or Gmail. Just $24.95!

ePreserver Recovery

Automatically recover deleted messages and corrupt folders from your AOL filing cabinet.

ePreserver Forensic

Site license for law enforcement agencies for forensic analysis of AOL PFC files.

Email Export and Migration

Address Magic Personal

Easy contact and message conversion for home and small office users supports over 40 formats.

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Recent News

Jan 8, 2018 Address Magic Personal is now freeware. If you are a paid user, your license will continue to work, or you can download the latest version to remove the license manager. Also released bugfix for ePreserver converting email saved on AOL.

Jan 17, 2017 Build 436 released for Epicenter Server. Improvements for include support for 64-bit Outlook Click-to-Run, support to force Strict Updates on, and various bug fixes. To install the update, select Check for Updates in the Help menu in Epicenter. Your Support Subscription must be current.

Nov 27, 2016 Build 434 released for Address Magic and ePreserver. This release primarily fixes a crash with IMAP conversions. To download the update, go to the Download page.